I just want to let you know my wallet arrived, and I love it! Yes, it's for me- a woman. It's functional and that's what I need- nothing frilly. Yay!


MoonShineLeather, I received the Flip ID wallet and it is a fantastic design and seems like very good quality product. Look forward to trying some of your other products. Thanks


Sharon, my wallet arrived yesterday. It is beautiful and soft as butter. Thank you !!


I wanted to thank you and all the folks at Moonshine for the beautiful wallet that my parents ordered for me. I'm traveling internationally in the next few weeks and was delighted to find that my passport fits perfectly inside one of the pockets in the wallet. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but it may be something that you want to promote. I was telling my father today that the only problem with the wallet is that I like it so much, I want to use it all the time! Wishing you a very happy new year!


I just wanted you to know that I received the wallet this afternoon in the mail. I also wanted you to know that it was exactly what I wanted. I spent countless hours on the net looking for such a wallet in color and versatility. While I found some wallets that almost met my needs it was obvious that they were not very well built. I still don't know how I found your website but I'm very glad I did. Please thank all the folks who cut and stitched this stout and attractive little jewel together, and thank you for all your help. Thanks again.


Just want to drop a line, THANK YOU AGAIN for the fast service. I gave a couple wallets away for gifts; people just go crazy for your wallets. I had to restock for my own use, there not getting these!! Anyway you all take care I'll be in touch Steve.


I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with my new apron! Tested it out this afternoon and it is perfect, actually better than my old one. The pockets worked out super, I'm so glad I took your advice. The only thing I need to do is wear it in some what and get it a little dirtier. The weight and thickness of the leather and the finish is identical to my old apron, I'm just so pleased. Unfortunately it will more than likely last another 20 years, so it will be a while before I order another one. Definitely will recommend your company to everyone! Thanks again!


Just got the apron today and its even heavier and more detailed than I thought. I had to add a few holes in the shoulder straps to bring it up a little but other than that it looks incredible. I am very pleased and look forward to many years of hard use out of this great tool.


I just received the apron I ordered from you. It is a heavy duty cross back model with a chest pocket added. Well it arrived when promised and the construction is as nice as you described. Thanks for adding the pocket. I知 sure it will stand up in the Blacksmith Shop and I am anxious to put it to work. So Thank You and your Crew for providing such a great product.


Hi - got the apron today, very nice - thanks for all the help and the extra trouble with shipping to Sweden. I値l be back in a while for some of those tool roll ups.


Gentleman, The order is safely received today. The tool pouches are really nice and will see many years of service in my tool box. I like the kid-leather tri-fold wallet also. Both products are well thought out and appear well made. Cheers and best to all,


Just wanted o send an email to thank you for my recent order. I have been looking for a new leather shop apron for some time and having a hard time finding the quality I was looking for. I have to say that I am extremely happy with the apron I received. It is obvious that you pay the same attention to fine craftsmanship and detail as I do in my work and something that is seen less and less these days. Even the fact that you roll the apron for shipping rather than folding in up shows your commitment to doing things the right way! Thanks for a killer apron!


The tool roll has arrived. It is gorgeous. Thanks so much for your help with getting it to us. I thought I would let you know that my husband is a neurosurgeon, and plans to use the roll for his examining equipment (torches, reflex hammers, etc). Possibly not your usual kind of customer! He really likes it and looks forward to using it - it fits the bill perfectly. Thanks again,


We have received the best leather apron we could get in the whole world.

Family Marks

Dear Moonshine Leather Co., A brief note to let you know how much we are enjoying our "Sleigh Bells", which hang on the interior side of our entry door at home. The sound is soft/muted and perfect to spread cheer as we leave and return home during the holiday season!


Please pass along my thanks for doing such a nice job of putting together the Jingle Bells. The 12 graduated sizes are indeed a full and rich sound, and quite pleasingly attached to the leather strap. The design utilizing the extra layer of leather on the back should do a nice job of protecting any furniture or door on which we hang the bells. The 6 graduated size bell strap I also bought will be useful in my other seasonal job as Santa. It has a very appropriate sound, sure to excite the children who are expecting to see me. Thanks again for all the good stuff you make and best of luck with the future. I知 sure to be a return shopper and will not hold back when someone asks me about my new belt I知 going to wear to work today. As this in only October it seems out of place to wish a safe and merry Christmas, but these Jingle Bells will certainly make ours merrier. How about if I wish you a great holiday season thereby encompassing the rest of the year?


Thanks so much for repairing my money belt. I have used it nearly everyday since I purchased it, I think that was about 15 years ago. It is the best belt I have ever owned. The belt is rugged looks great and is a great place to keep extra money for long trips, and my weekly trips.


Hello, Thank you for getting the brass buckle to me before we left. I meant to email you when I got it, but things got crazy trying to plan exactly what we need for the long trip. The quality of your craftsmanship in impeccable and the belt feels very comfortable with 30 bills put in it. Since this is my first money belt, I was not aware that the inner circumference gets smaller once it is filled with bills (about 1.2"). Makes sense once you think about it, but it would be great to read that on your website. Your company had the best selection for this and when I am in need of a new belt, I will look you up. Thanks again for your promptness on this and have a good weekend.


I just wanted to thank you for my purse. It was EXACTLY as pictured and I had found your site a few months back and that purse caught my eye and I decided as I'm turning 60 in August that I wanted a good quality made purse that would last me for years to come and did not want to wait till my birthday on the 25th as I'm going on vacation to Pennsylvania for 2 weeks ahead of it and wanted something that I felt more comfortable in carrying and could put everything I needed in one bag-which is why I love it so much. I believe in supporting American companies which hopefully if every other American gets on the band wagon and starts buying American and not things from other countries, we might create more new jobs. Thanks again for the excellent workmanship. I am telling all my friends and family about Moonshine Leather.


Just found your company. Wonderful purses. Am glad to see such beautiful purses made here in the USA. Next time I need a new purse, I will certainly buy from you.


Hello, I just received all three items and they are ALL gorgeous!! Perfect for me and my days and I love the high quality, I知 sure I will wear the tote and backpack a lot. Thank you so much I wasn稚 sure what to expect and I am very happy with these products. (I won稚 be purchasing any 電esigner purses these are excellent!) I noticed that you may have other styles in purses other than what is on the internet; the purse that appears to be large at the bottom and a crossover. I知 wondering if you have a catalog or how I may find other purses that you may make. Thank you!


I received my bag today and am thrilled with it. Just beautiful! Thanks for taking the extra step to insure it was perfect.


My order arrived yesterday, and I must tell you how pleased I am with everything. The purse (purple Large Luna) is perfect. Design and workmanship could not be better. It is the purse I have been looking for forever. And I do appreciate that it was made in America.


Hi, I received the Okada today and it is a great bag! Just wanted to "thank you" for all your help and the "great customer service."


Hi there, First of all, happy New Year to all moonshine leather staff! I bought so many cell phone cases, none of them were satisfied with my needs. I feel very lucky that I bought Cel8-V. Be honest I wasn't so sure when I click that button. Ha-ha. When I first open up the package., I instantly know this is it! This is what I have been looking for. It's perfect. The size, the quality of the material. It's been few months since I got it., I wear it every single day. I am delivery truck driver. I can say this case gonna last for a long long time! Would you tell me how to take care my leather case? Any suggestions on what kind of leather oil I can use? Please be specific. Like oil product name?


Hello, I recently purchased one of your leather cell phone cases. I don't usually give reviews, other than Ebay stuff, but I have to compliment your team at Moonshine Leather. This phone case fit my Samsung Galaxy S3 perfect, and is the toughest phone case I have ever owned for my company cell phone. Whoever wrote your product description: "...Please do not ask for clip on styles. We do not make them. They are not secure..." Was right. I have previously lost my company phone getting out of cars, and airplanes, when the seatbelt would pull my phone case off, without me knowing it. I have tested your phone case, and tried to get my case and phone to pull loose, but it always stays put. Please thank them, and the rest of your team, for making such good products, in the USA. Very Best Regards, A Satisfied Customer...


Your package with my phone case arrived today. I am more than happy with it and the way my phone fits into it. Even though I致e only had it a few hours I have already been asked at least half a dozen times where I got it from! Many thanks again for your EXCELLENT service.


I received my leather cell phone holster today. The quality is better than any other holster I have ever bought. I just wanted to say thank you for offering a great product. I was so tired of cheap holsters that would wear out as soon as they started to fit the phone correctly. I look forward to using this one for a long time before I buy another.


Arrived back from a business trip to find my new case in the mail- Thanks for the quick service. What can I say but 徹utstanding -Now that痴 one tough, good looking case. Puts any of the other leather cases to shame. Excellent craftsmanship. I will be sure to tell my associates about your products. We work in tough industrial environments and need good quality American made gear. Keep up the great work.


I ordered and have received the Colossus horizontal case for my new Galaxy Note 2 cell phone. This phone is new on the market and cases are hard to find especially since it's so large and I have installed a silicone type protective case which makes it slightly larger. I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know not only how well the case fit as well as the quality. The construction of the case is by far the best I have ever owned and the thought that went into it is much appreciated. I can actually get my phone out from the top with no trouble, the magnetic snap is top quality and I have no more issue with my phone coming off my belt. This was a Christmas present to myself and I am very pleased. I don't normally take the time to say good or bad things about vendors but this is a well deserved exception. Nice work! Thanks!


I purchased a cell phone holster from you a few months ago. I had been looking for some time for one that would fit my IPhone in a life proof case. You had just what I needed. I couldn稚 believe the quality of it once I received it. It was a beautiful leather holster. I almost hated to use it as I bought it to use working outside in the woods logging etc. Funny thing is that it still looks great, if not better. It痴 been covered in mud & cleans up perfectly. I don稚 know how you get that thick of leather to be so strong but still soft. You only find quality like that made in the USA. Great Work!!! Sincerely,


Hello! I Just wanted to let someone know just how HAPPY I am with my new holster for my phone. I bought an XL brown case for my android, and it's PERFECT!! You need to put a thing on your site for reviews ..I'd give you 5 stars! Thanks!


I received my repaired cell phone case today. Thank you so much, Moonshine Leather is a fantastic company with great products. Sincerely,


First of all, I received the 2 cases I ordered. They are awesome quality. I am very very happy with them. You don't know how many leather cases I have ordered only to be disappointed. I plan to order another but I am wondering if I could order a couple in just the natural leather color. Is that possible? Thank for your excellent leather work and your time


The belt that I ordered from you was delivered today and I'm very pleased with the look and quality. And I am proud to own a belt that was made here in the USA! Thanks,


Loved the 1st belt I purchased last month. I致e had so much trouble finding a good quality leather belt even at the high end department stores. Always bring them back within a week for the 斗eather cracking and delaminating. Love made in America! Keep up the great work.


Finally made it to the Post Office to get my Moonshine Belt. I am so impressed! Sent my dad an email with a picture of your belt next to a dime store cheapy I had been using. There is no comparison. Your belt is twice as thick and the leather is much higher quality. Got my money's worth and then some. Thanks


Hello, I recently bought a very nice leather belt from Moonshine Leather. I was very surprised that you did not stamp it or mark it in some way with the name of your company, as well as Made in the U.S.A. For instance, if I wanted to buy another one and didn稚 remember where I got it from, you would lose a future sale. Plus a lot of people like me want items made in the U.S.A., so you really should consider stamping or tagging the belts. Just a friendly suggestion, * WE NOW TRY TO MARK ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS.


My belts arrived yesterday and they are beautiful. Can't believe how great the buckles came out and the size is perfect. Thanks for all your help. I love them!


Just a note that I got my belt very quickly. It is just gorgeous. The thickness is just right and I love the buckle. I've been searching so long for a black belt with gold tone buckle and was overjoyed to find one made in USA. Thanks!


The belt just arrived today, (two days after my phone order! ) and fits beautifully! Thanks so much for your great customer service. The leather is beautiful and well crafted. You are welcome to post my comments on your website if you care to. Thanks again!

Rev. Douglas D. Gestwick

On January 20th I ordered two belts. They were being "custom made" as I sent my exact size - the best way, according to your website. On Thursday, January 28th, I was very surprised to receive an e-mail explaining that there had been a freak snowstorm at the Arizona facility, and that my order would be delayed. Since I wasn't sure when my order would arrive anyway, I was VERY impressed that you took the time to write and let me know of the delay and the reason why. I wrote back and said as much, and got ANOTHER e-mail thanking me for my understanding. The belts arrived today, February 1 (hardly a "delay" as far as I'm concerned!), and they look even better in person than on the website. The craftsmanship is obvious, and I am sure I will enjoy these belts for many years. I am so impressed with your company and the care you show your customers that I intend to use you exclusively in the future. Thank you for taking such pride in your work and the way you serve your customers. It is a rare pleasure to do business with such fine folks. Feel free to use this letter and my name however you see fit. Sincerely,


That was an easy call to make because the quality was all that you promised and more. Obviously there are some highly talented people working with some of the finest materials to be able to make some of the finest leather products that I have seen. It must be a real pleasure for you to be able to know that you are telling the absolute truth about the quality of Moonshine Leather's products. The billfold is also excellent, but the belts are the charm. Maybe I'll just find something else that I can use in the future. To be sure there are less expensive products available but I believe that there are none finer. Warmest regards,


It came-it fits-it's nice and you're wonderful! Regards,


Dear Sir, I received my order today, very quick service, and I am very very satisfied with your price, the quality of merchandise, and the quickness that you sent it. Thank you so much because this does not happen to me very often!! Most often people only send E-Mails when they are dissatisfied, but you deserve a pat on the back. Thanks Again


Hello Just wanted to say thanks for your stellar service, above and beyond what I had expected, will recommend to my friends. Once again thanks.


I am glad I came across Moonshine Leather Co. on the internet. I am sick and tired of buying crappy products made in china. I believe in supporting companies that sell products made in USA. I am a first-time customer - just ordered a belt for myself. thanks


Just found your site and impressed. Stand by for an order very soon. Where have you been all my life? Quality leather is hard to come by! Your prices are more than fair too. On my wish list is: Cell phone belt holster, new wallet and quality belt. Nice selection there also. Stay tuned. Once my new phone arrives you will get my order. Best Regards,


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